Who are we?

We are the Energy Transformers

Master Umesh H.Nandwani

Master Umesh H.Nandwani and  Sushila Devi


Master Umesh H. Nandwani, together with his partner, Sushila Devi, founded The Golden Space™ and Shivshakti Healing & Consultancy in January 2005 in Singapore.

They both travel worldwide to bring their workshops of self-discovery to people like you, which leads to self-awareness, personal empowerment and the realization of one's purpose in life.  


After years of searching for answers and undertaking spiritual practices Master Umesh Nandwani experienced an intense awakening followed by a strong inner calling.  He came to the realization that he was here on a mission to serve and inspire humanity to evolve to a higher spiritual level towards self-realization, enlightenment, being healthy, happy and succesful in life.  Through his world renowned Internationally  Certificatied Life Transformational   “Awaken ~ The Divine You”® Program", which he is the principal creator and leader of since 2006, he has helped many to awaken to a happy and succesful life.   Sushila Devi being the co-founder of The Golden Space with Master Umesh Nandwani  complements his work by ensuring that everything runs smoothly by attending to the needs of all participants in all the different retreats and while at it, planning the next one and doing all this while travelling and supporting at the different retreats.  Sushila is a lover of crystals, nature, children and those in need.

Amritpaul Ghatora

Amritpaul Ghatora

Lead Meditation Teacher

Life was depressing in 2011 for Amrit. Being financially poor, feeling stuck and suffering poor health, he approached many psychics to help him out of his predicament. During his search for answers to his issues, he came across Master Umesh H. Nandwani during Mind, Body & Spirit Festival in London. Initially due to past betrayal experiences, he was hesitant in taking the first step to join his workshop. But subsequently through multiple encouragement from his spouse, he embarked on his spiritual journey by joining “Awaken ~ The Divine You” program in The Golden Space ® Singapore. During the 6 days course, he realized that he has freedom of choice to choose how he feels and what he thinks about his life situations.


Since then he has been practicing this new outlook of life in every situation he is.

This transformation has changed him from a negative, angry person to a happy, caring and inspiring person.


With the great gifts that he has gained, he decided to share his love to all those that needed the extra help to boost them forward in life. He has been providing his meditation classes and private consultation services since 2012.


Amrit has completed ATDY Pyramid of Ascension Master Course Level 1 and he is also a certified meditation trainers under Master Umesh H. Nandwani.

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Supinder Ghatora

Instructor Reiki Master

My journey began in 2009,

After the loss of my youngest brother. This time in my life was a very difficult time, being upset and tearful all the time.

I was introduced to Reiki by a family member, who recommended I have a Reiki treatment, and see how this may help. After a course of Reiki sessions, I began to feel much better.

I was encouraged to learn Reiki for myself. I have since become Certified as a Reiki Master.

I love teaching and healing. Reiki brings me great pleasure helping others in this way.